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After Damso affair: “Brouhaha could be avoided if Football had better communicated”

87d2706bc92d49f910294dfa8bf7d287 - After Damso affair: “Brouhaha could be avoided if Football had better communicated”

The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) needs to work on his communication, both internally and to the outside world. So responded a board member and chairman of KV Kortrijk Joseph Allijns Sunday on the buzz around Damso. The Brussels rapper would be the WK song of the Red Devils, but due to the massive protest, the partnership was Thursday night stopped.

“The executive board of the football association has a wrong estimate is made, but the board of directors has that right. The whole brouhaha could be avoided if there are better communicated. The belgian football association to work,” says Allijns in The Seventh Day.

“The choice for Damso in november, it belonged to the executive board, the board of directors had nothing to say. That had been,” says the chairman of KV Kortrijk. Wednesday was the belgian football association is still behind his choice, but the board was not consulted. Allijns pulled himself to sound the alarm, Thursday night gave the bond for the persistent pressure from politicians and especially his sponsors. The cooperation with Damso was discontinued. “But that had nothing to do with money,” says Allijns. “The football association, with 400,000 members is the largest sports federation of the country. That needs binding work, and a common message. The woman is a very important segment in our society. A world cup song should be unifying work, not dividing.”

The belgian football association announced that the Red Devils next summer without an anthem for the world cup in Russia will attract. “But we should still take the time to think about it”, around Allijns. “In Belgium, with the community, so you need to find something that works for both language groups is acceptable.”

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