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“Women have no business in Formula 1”

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Carmen Jorda has a relletje ensured by stating that women have nothing to do in Formula 1. The ruling comes at a time when the much talked about grid girls from the Formula 1 are gone. Jorda states, however, that women also as racepiloot nothing to do in Formula 1.

Women as racepiloot in the Formula 1, we need to all go back to 1976 and Lella Lombardi in the GP of Austria. Afterwards, yawning the large gap and continues to be, among other practice sessions for Susie Wolff in the Williams and Carmen Jorda, who ‘ontwikkelingsrijdster’ was with the Lotus F1 team.

Afterwards, Jorda, also nicknamed ‘the blonde in the shorts” because of her striking présences in short in addition to the circuit, also have a role in the Renault Sport Formula 1 team. However, it should be clear that Jorda especially by her looks and not by her racetalent in the spotlight.

Carmen Jorda has as ontwikkelingsrijdster at the Lotus F1 team has some experience in the F1 world. In addition, she was in 2017 officially a member of the vrouwencommissie of the FIA. Jorda believes, however, that women have nothing to do in the Formula 1 because they physically just can’t compete with the men.

“I’m convinced that women results can be achieved in karting, Formula 3, Formula E and GT, but not in Formula 1 and 2. Therein, according to my experience, our physical handicap was too great compared to the men.”

“That is also the reason why we have no women in Formula 1 to see and it also seems as if the complete autosportwereld male-dominated. However, it is just intended to make the sport more accessible to women, just as in other sports.”

Jorda added delicately, that “women are better for the less physically demanding Formula E to choose”. The Formula E is the electrical counterpart of the Formula 1. Recently tested Carmen Jorda with a Formula E car in Mexico.

The statements of Jorda shots clearly in the wrong throat when former F1 pilot Jenson Button. The F1 world champion of 2009 responded agitated on the statements of Jorda.

“Oh Carmen, with this kind of comment help you the real female racepiloten not. Just ask Danica Patrick or she is strong enough to take a racing car to drive! In the gym I would be defeated and she is probably just as strong as all the current F1 drivers on the grid. The physical barrier is not your problem, Carmen.” said Button on twitter.

Danika Patrick has built a successful career in the American Indycar. In the past it was frequently suggested that Danica Patrick is one of the few women that on a competitive level would be able to participate in the Formula 1.

Whole way from the Formula 1 are, however, the women do not. Recently promoted to the Swiss Sauber F1 team, the Colombian Tatiana Calderon official testpilote of the team. Some see therein the proof that women are indeed allowed to dream of a racezitje in the Formula 1, others are of the opinion that it is just for promotional reasons.

Fact is, it will still take some time before we again have a woman as racepilote on the starting grid of the Formula 1 will see …


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