Who Is The Mole? is ’feast of suspicion’

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In real life, we want people to fully trust, but on television, the opposite applies. The distrust in the candidates themselves represents, according to tv expert Bert van der Veer that Who Is The Mol? after eighteen seasons is still a kijkcijferhit hit.

“The game is the reverse of the real world,” explains Van der Veer, the success of the game of AVROTROS. “That’s where you want that people mean what they say. But Who Is The Mole? is not to trust anyone. It is a festival of suspicion, that makes it so exciting.”

According to Van der Veer there are two types of viewers. “You have people who understand, very fanatic, and all the hints unraveling, but another part understands nothing.” Yet they also fan. That has to do with another important part of the format: the commands. “That are filled with a sort of cryptograms. There are people fond of it. You want, as a viewer, that the puzzle can solve it.” The ’beautiful images’ of the environment and the ’thrilling locations’, according to the tv critic at the same time.


The remaining candidates of this season, Ruben Hein, Olcay Gülşen and Jan Versteegh. Who of them is the mole, it becomes clear during the final that again this year live, via large screens at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. In the tv studio in the park, VondelCS, will find the denouement of place. For the first time, fans can the final in a number of Vue cinemas, including in Alkmaar, Eindhoven and Apeldoorn.

The finale of Wie Is De Mol? is Saturday at 20.30 to see at NPO 1.

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