Verbeek does: “john Smith sleeps well’

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John Smith gave birth Friday morning stir with his statement that the Premier league ‘the best a year without the Twentse derby could’.

Gertjan Verbeek in addition to his assistant Jan de Jonge.

And that elicited a logical response at FC Twente-coach Gertjan Verbeek, who after the 2-1 defeat of his club in Almelo, of course, the plague had.

“The longer a victory is not forthcoming, how annoying it is for everyone that FC Twente cares”, said Verbeek opposite Fox Sports. “Only joe Smith has a good night’s sleep”, concluded the coach, after which he was on the subsequent press conference again, a sneer gave them. “Anyone who Heracles cares about, congratulations. Particularly john Smith”, said Verbeek, who two stints as a head coach in Almelo under the former superintendents of Heracles was working.


Verbeek also said that a new defeat him, not discouraged. “The disappointment is very big and in the locker room, there is a grafstemming. Yet I have the idea that we are close to it sit. We have a victory needed to get out of this situation.”

The first half was great, but was also Verbeek. “In the second, by contrast, we have shown a good to be able to come. We are also on edge. After this, in the back of everyone is not at the appointments, what to two tegentreffers leads. In the final we have done everything with a kind of all-or-nietsoffensief still the same. Unfortunately we had not the luck that the ball one time well fell.”

Click here to view the results, and the program in the Eredivisie.

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