Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 10

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There is this week, a lot of movement and that has consequences for the seven singles from the Ultratop 50 (Flemish disappear.
That is the case for Dana Winner and “First love, most beautiful love”, “A different track” of Karen Damen, Aïssa and “You are my everything”, the “Smart boy” of Soufiane Eddyani, Faith and “Pure love”, “If the walls could talk (live)” by Will Tura and for Michael Heaven “Know that I love you”.

“Thank you for all these years,” Marc Dex is the new 50. 46 is for Nitrogen, feat. Brihang and “1000 milligrams”. “Here and now” of Sabien Tiels, we arrive at 42. Herbert “Let us” in 37. Luc Steeno and “I will wait” ends up at 27. “Who I am” to Kim Dejonghe is on 26. Jan Paternoster is the “Chef of the peloton” on the 23rd.

Neighbor sneaks into the top 10 with “Leaves of gold”, coming from 16. “This miracle,” by Dana Winner remains at 9. Barbara Dex drops from 3 to 8 with “Where shall I go without you”. Status quo is there for “Yesterday” of The Spirit 7. The “Tall trees” by Karen Damen climb from 8 to 6. Stan Van Samang descends with “The sky for the two of us”, from 4 to 5. Yevgueni lose with “Never to nowhere” is two seats and tumbles to 4. “Tears” by Niels Destadsbader jumps from 5 to 3. Of 6 to 2 is “The Wi-fi Song” by Bart Peeters. For eight weeks at the top now Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert and “Zoutelande”.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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