Turkish army is marching on to suburbs Afrin

3c6c52afe62b909786969270760d873e - Turkish army is marching on to suburbs Afrin

DAMASCUS – After weeks of offensive have Turkish troops in the suburbs of the city of Afrin in northern Syria reached. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights reported that the Turks were advancing on the east side of the city.

Syrian rebels in Afrin.

The Turkish military to work at the surgery together with Syrian rebels against president Bashar al-Assad. In the offensive conduct, the Turks also luchtacties. Ankara began an offensive to Afrin and get your hands on, because the YPG militia in control of the city, and the eponymous district. Ankara sees Kurdish YPG as a terreurbeweging and a threat to Turkish national security.

Reporters from the British tv channel Sky News are also in Afrin arrived. Kurds in the city told the reporters that they are the targets of ethnic cleansing by the Turks.

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