Tunisian women break taboo and go street

4f0b520dc92089cdacd01efea0fb3ee2 - Tunisian women break taboo and go street

TUNIS – Hundreds of women are in the capital of Tunisia, the street merged to the same rights upon succession as men. That is a topic that is generally taboo is seen in the Arab world. In the North African country, women are allowed more than elsewhere in the region. Since last year muslim women even allowed to marry a man who no islamite is.

The protesters walked Saturday to the parliament building in Tunis and made it clear that they compared want to be with European women so that they can claim a fair distribution of an estate. That is still based on islamic law, in which a man usually has two times as much get as a woman. “In a civilized state, I receive exactly what you receive”, was an often heard slogan.

In August she formed president Beji Caid Essebsi, a secular politician, a commission that proposals need to do to improve women’s rights.

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