Tommy Lee put charge against son

00d13a4f7911e95614aa1d8464f83028 - Tommy Lee put charge against son

Tommy Lee does not care about the outside world and put the charges against his son Brandon. According to TMZ, the rocker of the opinion that a soft approach of his son’s upbringing completely ruined. If Brandon by the charges in the prison ends up, is that according to Tommy’s own fault’.

Father and son have with each other to stick because of Brandon, Tommy, a hard blow has sold and the rocker knock-out went. Images would then Brandon are forwarded to Pamela Anderson, the mother of Brandon. The former Baywatch star, denies that.

Friday tried Pamela the quantity to appease. She called out the drummer on the case to sit down, and said that Brandon the ribbon was gone because of “all the misery” that Tommy in the lives of his son and his ex. Tommy is, in turn, hurt Pamela because the blonde in his opinion, Brandon is trying to start and involve in the fight between the rocker and the actress. Pamela claims that Tommy loose hands had during their marriage in the 90’s.

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