The weekend of the National Front: Saturday Steve Over, Sunday, name change

4ab99628d9bd83b3f62f2b3f63cb0ad9 - The weekend of the National Front: Saturday Steve Over, Sunday, name change

The French extreme-right party National Front (FN) hold this weekend in Lille, its conference, where a name change is on the agenda. Remarkable guest is Steve Over, the controversial, and in the meantime fired counselor of the Us president Donald Trump.

At the congress, too, is the re-election of Marine Le Pen as president on the program. That is normally a formality, because there are no opponents run. Though its popularity is waning since the presidential elections of last year. Le Pen is also endorsed by the court, inter alia, for the spread on Twitter of pictures of violence by IS and for fictitious employment in the European parliament.

Marine Le Pen is in favour of the name change because the FN to be loaded and alliances impossible. The results of the vote by the militants is Saturday announced. There would only be a small majority for a new name.

Sunday sets Le Pen than the new partijnaam for which the members, in writing, to have their say should do.

Saturday were already the results of an internal survey suggested. Over 30,000 party members had filled in a questionnaire.

It was no surprise that 98 percent want the immigration to a ‘minimal level’ drops.

About 67 percent of the members wants that France, the eurozone exit to be ‘monetary sovereignty to get back’. Ninety percent supports Le Pen that a referendum on leaving the European Union, and 82 percent want from the schengen area act.

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