The netherlands has to bite the bullet on a deposit on plastic bottles

78f07be405e453a3dc625a70acb077bc - The netherlands has to bite the bullet on a deposit on plastic bottles

While in our country quite a debate about the reintroduction of a deposit, our northern neighbours, an agreement was concluded with the packaging.

From 2021 will there be a deposit on small plastic bottles in the Netherlands, unless the packaging there for that time pass the amount of plastic bottles in the litter by 70 to 90 percent to reduce. Also must than 90 percent of these bottles are recycled.

That appointment, the Dutch state secretary of Infrastructure and public Works, Stientje van Veldhoven, with the sector. The ministry speaks of a breakthrough after a long period of resistance to the plan. Supermarkets, frisdrankbedrijven and the packaging industry, felt the mood, indeed, all hang.

Still no cans

There is in the Second Room also had long encouraged a deposit on cans. But that seemed a step too far.

‘Deposit helps – we know that – so the introduction of a deposit on small bottles, that I put in motion. But if a different approach is faster the same result, it is returnable not necessary. As long as we plasticsoep but to address and we of old bottles, new bottles”, says Van Veldhoven.

She is thinking about the introduction of a 10 to 15 cent deposit on small plastic soda and water bottles up to one litre. The bottle must be collected at supermarkets. The secretary of state with the packaging sector discuss how the system can best be designed, writes them to the Room.


A trial to civil society organisations (schools, sports clubs) plastic bottles and cans to collect, did not deliver the desired result. The agencies received in return for special depots for a fee. This way of collecting is continued.

The Second Room talk next week about the approach of litter.

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