The BAND is launching in Ziggo Dome

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With the single Zoutelande unexpectedly high in the charts, it is currently a feast to be part of the BAND. “You realize that the us is happily going currently,” says bassist Peter Slager on the eve of BLØFs concert in the Ziggo Dome. Saturday night play the men for the third time in their career in the Amsterdam pop temple.

Unlike the smaller shows was the past days still just as quite rehearsed. “Club is always the same everywhere, but this requires months of preparations. Normal rehearse as little as possible,” says Peter. Because there are now a number of guest musicians for whom the songs of the BAND have not yet cut cake, was a large part of the repertoire have gone through in the past few days. The Zeeland band gets Saturday namely eleven strings, seven wind instruments and an extra guitarist on stage.

Or there are also other guests will remain a surprise. “I say nothing about it. But a concert with Geike Arnaert is in line of expectation,” laughs Peter. At Zoutelande, the Flemish singer can also be heard. The BAND has, with the single currently being a number 1-hit to tackle it in the Mega Top 50 and the Top 40. In the Single Top 100 and kept the plate still stuck on place three. For BLØF is Zoutelande’s first big hit in more than ten years.

“We are just as surprised as everyone else that we still have a hit in such a dimension may score,” says Peter. “We had the song because of the atmosphere deliberately in the autumn launched but it was only really good after christmas. A radiohitje we would have expected, but so very… No. It is really very special.”


The success of Zoutelande also ensures that the BAND a new audience. “The funny thing is that there is suddenly a growing young audience. Last year, we saw already a rejuvenation in the audience. If you such a number as Zoutelande plays, there is a vibration through the room and all calls go on the air. Really wonderful,” says Peter.

Of great nervousness for the concert in the Ziggo Dome is no more, says Peter, after twenty years performing on stage with the BAND. “Healthy tension, though. But it went never and it’s terribly fun and special.”

Those who do not have tickets secured, in december visit Ahoy. For the first time since 2005 the BAND back on the Rotterdam stage as hoofdartiest. “Such a hit increases the demand for tickets. The Ziggo was already sold out and it was already too late to have a date to add to it. Then came Ahoy in the picture”, said Peter. “A great moment for me to return.” For the concert of 14 december are still some tickets available.

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