Syrian government forces in Eastern Ghouta: rebels insulated

c9522a6bd6651bb788c9acbce25f5bc8 - Syrian government forces in Eastern Ghouta: rebels insulated

Syrian government forces have the largest city, is surrounded in the besieged rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta. That says the Syrian Observatory for human Rights (SOHR), which relies on informants on the spot.

The government forces would, according to SOHR Saturday managed to Duma to isolate from the rest of Eastern Ghouta, by the control of the road between Harasta and Misraba. That makes a part of the strategy of the forces: through the area on share and enclave each enclave to isolate, they hope the supply of the rebels to cut off. If the army Duma has indeed isolated, then the area is now de facto in three shared.

There is already a few weeks of fierce battle for Eastern Ghouta. The region near the capital, Damascus, is one of the last areas in Syria that are still under the control of rebels. She is so close to Damascus, rebels mortars can fire up in the centre of the capital.

The region is undergoing for the past few weeks the heaviest offensive of the government since the beginning of the civil war seven years ago. About 400,000 people are sitting there. According to Doctors Without Borders would be the last weeks already had 1000 casualties, including 215 children.

The message of the SOHR has not yet been confirmed, and contradicted by a local rebellengroepering. An employee of the French news agency AFP does make a heavy aerial bombardment on the city. The streets are deserted.

Friday night was already a message about rebels who, together with their family in the area have fled, on the road to Idlib, in western Syria.

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