Sunday, the last Taboo on A

00bef28979b84d91e4a669d61687b562 - Sunday, the last Taboo on A

Sunday is the last episode of Taboo (after a compilation). Cat Steppe, the director of the program, it looks in The Morning back satisfied. “I knew Philippe Geubels not, except from The Smartest Man. That image was quickly punctured, already after a few hours with him had talked to. He is a very empathetic man, with a great sense of timing. A party with such a person to run the program.” That neither they nor Geubels with a limitation is that the taboesfeer hear, was no obstacle to create this program, ” she says. “Philippe is a comedian, that box will you choose if your life is very evident. And I’ve always had empathy with people who in one way or another not in a cubicle fit. You know, everyone helps a little. We could us a lot of areas that people identify with.” There Is after Taboo a kind of conclusion? Is there something that we are not allowed to laugh? “Well, we should not laugh with Allah, but we knew that already? I have with what astonishment looked at the discussion that unfolded around that episode (participant Ilias had against Geubels said that he is not with Allah should laugh, what he has not done). It is never the intention of this program to taboos.”

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