‘Slutsky could be anywhere, but chose Vitesse’

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ARNHEM – Vitesse provides a novelty by next season, with Leonid Slutsky in the sea.

Leonid Slutsky

The 46-year-old former trainer of, among others, CSKA Moscow and Hull City is the first Russian trainer ever in the Premier league. “In it we are forerunners,” said technical director Marc van Hintum.

Vitesse will be the 46-year-old Slutsky officially present if there is a work permit for him, is obtained. “Slutsky is a coach with a great career. He has the highest level of success achieved. For us that is the reason for him to choose,” says Van Hintum.

Dick Advocaat

Van Hintum fear not that the choice for a Russian trainer on resistance will be unstoppable. “I wouldn’t know why people here are surprised about. Why should we always have a Dutch trainer should have? It is good to have that break. Players are also everywhere. Slutsky is national coach of Russia and three times champion of Russia became CSKA Moscow. In addition, he speaks good English and he is known as a great tactician. It is not for nothing that someone like Dick Advocaat so positive about him speaks.”

Dick Advocaat

English-Russian connection

The choice for Slutsky is another example of the increasing influence from the English-Russian relationship is exercised on Vitesse. It was already clear that one of the two vacant technical positions from this network would be completed. After the decision of interim td Van Hintum for another year to go, it was Slutsky, the slain new trainer.

‘Offers up for grabs’

The Russian commissioner Valery Oyf, whose meddling for trainer Henk Fraser has contributed to his decision to after this season to leave – has within the supervisory board made strong for the arrival of Slutsky.

“His name is indeed within our board of directors to put forward,” confirms Van Hintum. “That you need to be positive. Without our network it would probably not have succeeded to such a great name. Not only because he would be too expensive, but make no mistake, this man has the offers up for grabs. He really could be anywhere. We are glad that he, for Vitesse has chosen.”

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