Ruben Van Gucht responds to item The Ideal World

c9cb76fdfe307dbf22ad93a3c4cbfe5e - Ruben Van Gucht responds to item The Ideal World

To Ruben Van Gucht ask them in The Interest his opinion about an item in The Ideal World, which the dragon put his vanity. “I have that episode of ‘The Ideal World’ is not seen. But well, that evening, I have some sms messages received, so I know what it’s about. And I pretty quickly decided to make that episode not have to go look it up. Like it might never, but still, it’s nice that they think about me, and me with a warm heart. ( chuckle) Besides that, the people of ‘The Ideal World’ the right to give their opinion. What still doesn’t mean that I like need to find. I let it come over me. Okay, I’m going to act as the declarant of Jacques Vermeire, I ‘have’ me in the context of slow tv is indeed shooting while I was on the trail of The Tour Of Flanders reed and I am the face of many different projects… All true, but they are both in the first place to the projects. Sven De Leijer know I happen to be. He has me after the conscious broadcast for some time called. To say that he thought the man was played, and that that item about me in the usual level of ‘The Ideal World’ was.”

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