Romania wants euro 2024

9b8e35ff27c81576bd73dc9f4713c76b - Romania wants euro 2024

BUCHAREST – The Romanian ruling party PSD, since a year in power, has on Saturday during an extraordinary congress accepted the proposal in 2024 to adopt the euro. The leader of the social democrat Liviu Dragnea told the 4,000 attendees that joining the eurozone is a mandatory and logical step is for Romania.

Party leader Liviu Dragnea (right) and prime minister Mihai Tudose (on the left).

The Eastern European country can boast one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union but is still one of the poorest and most corrupt members. “We must dare to see and understand that this is a mandatory step and the only chance for Romania to join the wealthy in Europe. That is a project of national solidarity,” said Dragnea.

Romania, which has approximately 21 million inhabitants, had initially the plan the European currency in 2014 to introduce and suggested that, later in to 2019. But that date is not realistic given the poor progress being made to meet the objectives of the EU in respect of the Romanian economy and institutions.

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