Police think up to 200 witnesses who can help in case Skripal

9dcae7112797f319d22507632e1be7ab - Police think up to 200 witnesses who can help in case Skripal

LONDON – The British police has more than two hundred people in the image who may be able to testify about the poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Also takes the police approximately 240 possible evidence under the microscope.

Father and daughter Skripal.

Interior Minister Amber Rudd said on Saturday that 250 policemen were involved in the investigation of the assassination attempt. They let us know that the two are still in critical condition in the hospital. Their condition is stable. They are likely to be with a nerve agent poisoned.

Skripal and his daughter were Sunday outside knowledge found at a shopping center in Salisbury. Their poisoning is reminiscent of the winding-up of Alexander Litvinenko. This ex-officer of the Russian security service FSB and predecessor KGB escaped persecution in his homeland to England to flights. At the beginning of november 2006 he became seriously ill and he died three weeks later. He was murdered with the radioactive polonium, that in a hotel in its tea was done.

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