Over and Le Pen pull together on

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LILLE – Steve Over, the former advisor of the Us president, Donald Trump, the supporters of the National Front verkiezingsoverwinningen in prospect. That made Saturday to loud cheers at the congress of the right-populist party of Marine Le Pen in Lille. “You are part of a global movement. We have history on our side.”

Steve Over (left) and Marine Le Pen.

Over, in the US, an influential figure of the extreme right, was referring to his words to the recent developments in Italy, Poland and Hungary. The American was as verrassingsgast invited to the meeting in the North of France.

Le Pen will have her newly mapped out course to present to the supporters of the ailing FN, necessary after the heavy defeat against Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election.

The relaunch also includes a new partijnaam. That is Sunday known. “Front sounds too militarist,” said Le Pen recently. Her proposal was, but with a small majority. Of the approximately 30,000 party members who filled out the questionnaire think, they voted 52 percent in with a different name.

For other topics got Le Pen more support. The immigration must be sharply reduced, is 98 percent. In addition, 90 percent agree with her that a referendum should come about a possible departure of France from the European Union. About two-thirds want to off of the euro and wants to reintroduce the French franc.

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