Olcay Gülşen surprised when people think that they are stupid

8f37d1d42b7f9bc59dbe74d7c53f7ff9 - Olcay Gülşen surprised when people think that they are stupid

Olcay Gülşen gets through her participation in Wie is de mol? often to hear that they’re different than people had expected. “But I’m always myself. I have a big mouth to others, at the same time shy, I don’t myself racing to finish. And that now people can see in the broadcasts.”

The 37-year-old Gülşen will often prejudices to hear it. “A woman on hakjes, nicely dressed, runs a fashion company. Bats: diva. Or: no-brainer,” she says in an interview with AD.

The entrepreneur has to own say too often the label ‘stupid’ on it. “I think that’s genuinely weird, I have an international company built, send one hundred and fifty people.” According to Gülşen, are the often women who her dom. “Maybe because it is them irritates that as a woman, I am going to take. But now I fill in for others, I really have no idea.”

Gülşen made at the beginning of this year to step down as CEO of her company’s Products. “If your company is growing, you do less and less where you’re good and you have more and more mandatory numbers. I put too much energy into something where I never would be and had at one time the idea that I can be on all fronts had failed.”

When she decided to quit as CEO, she felt a relief. In addition to her creative work for the google android platform is a television program on business and she wrote a book SuperOlcay with jouranlist Karin Kuipers.


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