Makkelie explains duel ADO silent after spreekkoren

67dd6b5a1d83c741657add2a2be75f03 - Makkelie explains duel ADO silent after spreekkoren

Referee Danny Makkelie has the match between ADO Den Haag and NAC Breda Saturday night a few minutes shut down after spreekkoren of the ADO supporters.

Danny Makkelie explains ADO-NAC a few minutes silent.

At that time, it was 0-2 for NAC Breda and was ADO Den Haag with ten man after the author ADO defender Wilfried Kanon on the stroke of peace a red card was given.

After a few minutes resumed the arbitrator in the contest, after the speaker in The Hague, the supporters had sued to stop the spreekkoren. Makkelie had threatened the match permanently to cease, as the supporters would not cease.

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