Lieven Scheire on a visit to Bart De Pauw

1b3e2b9aa61d57b3a0a949a0164bdec5 - Lieven Scheire on a visit to Bart De Pauw

Lieven Scheire gave the last few days of interviews about his new program, Anyone Can Follow. Since he is of Wachtebeke is, just like Bart De Pauw, was also the topic discussed in The Latest News. “First of all this: I am a klutz in the game of seduction”, said Scheire. “Here, next to us a couple starts to flirt, I will be the last to have. I have spent the past 15 years nothing noticed of what is possibly going on. Moreover, I am already 17 years together with my wife – my only love since high school. She is the only one that me of unacceptable behaviour could accuse. And as far as I know I did, it was always with mutual consent (laughs). With Bart, I have only a few times, emailed over the last few months, but I am going to agree with him all along. Because I no more know than what I’ve read. Because I want to see how he is doing. I think you are perfect the voice of the victims can respect and still commit can with what Bart is happening. Career, company: gone. Or that all is final, I do not know. I think it can still do with a dialogue between the two parties. But that seems to me to be currently far away…”

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