Lawyer gives Mühren rise

bfb38811668d2727999eed0640ad232c - Lawyer gives Mühren rise

ROTTERDAM – Dick Advocaat will find it dangerous to all of his conclusions to the last 45 minutes against ADO Den Haag (2-1 win), but think that Sparta in the degradatieclash with Roda JC, the best yields with the same amount of opportunism.

Robert Mühren last week was worth its weight in gold against ADO Den Haag (2-1) and will start tonight in the basis against Roda JC.

“I think that the power lies with us”, says the coach. “That is not in the build. In as quickly as possible to the strikers. Also in relation to Michiel Kramer, that is even better, if you have the second half against ADO see where you opportunistischer plays.”

This provides a good Lawyer to how important the long striker is already in the fight against relegation. He was at FC Twente (1-1) all of the assist at the Rotterdam opening goal and is the man who is by far the most danger, died. Lawyer loves against Roda JC Robert Mühren in the base, and also gives Thomas Verhaar a chance.

Lawyer is happy that Sparta with Henk van Stee quickly a technical manager. “An excellent case, a boy who already has experienced much. This is important for the long term, because let’s face it: there must, of course, something will happen.”

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