In the ban of spionnengif: soldiers comb British city to a graveyard

More than 180 soldiers down in the British city of Salisbury to remove all traces of the poison that the Russian contraspion Sergei Skripal and his daughter found, to investigate and clear.

The British government wants, leaving nothing to chance in the vergiftigingszaak the country since the beginning of this week for a mystery. The former Russian cotnraspion Sergei Skripal (66) and his daughter Yulia (33) were Monday afternoon, motionless found on a bench in the shopping centre of Salisbury, a provincial town in the South of England. Both appeared to have been poisoned with a special kind of nerve. After they go to the hospital were in critical condition, opened Great Britain an investigation into the attempted murder.

Although all of the prompts in the direction of Moscow point, Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev and the minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, strongly denied that Russia is behind the attempt to gifmoord.


To be sure that all traces of the deadly poison has been removed from Salisbury, and that the researchers not only track skip, is the British city transformed into a hermetically sealed fortress. Almost the entire city is evacuated, while more than 180 soldiers, of whom several specialized in chemical warfare, the area, combing. The military thus supporting the investigation of the police.

Especially the cemetery of Salisbury, is carefully studied. On site, dozens of soldiers, policemen and forensic experts. There are two tents set up. The first encompasses the grave of the wife of Skripal, Lyudmila. She died over six years ago to the effects of cancer. The second tent was set up around the tomb of Skripals son, Alexander, who last year in unclear circumstances died when he was St. Petersburg visited. He was 43 years old and was cremated.

On Saturday morning was also a police car from the city escorted by special units of the army. The vehicle might have been involved in the first contacts with the two victims and would still traces of the deadly nerve gas.


Skripal itself is already consciousness. His daughter is still in a coma. Skripal is a Russian ex-colonel of the GRU (Russian military intelligence) for the United Kingdom of spying against Russia. He was by a Russian court in 2006 convicted after the authorities got wind of his British espionage activities. He would be the names of Russian agents communicated to the British intelligence service MI6.

Skripal was released in 2010 after a so-called ‘spy-swap’. Then were four Russian contraspionnen ‘exchanged’ against Russian spies by the FBI captured. The then Russian president Medvedev granted the colonel grace.

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