Group stage is a must

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AMSTERDAM – at the Beginning of next season is for a large part determined where the voetbaltoekomst of Matthijs de ligt (18) is located. “For a young boy it is important to have European football to play. Preferably, of course, the Champions League, but otherwise, it should anyway, the group stage of the Europa League. A year like this can have for a young player, but a second season is problematic”, says the defender of Ajax, that qualification is a must.

This Is crying out for a European stage with Ajax. “That still doesn’t seem to be able to be a champion, nibbling at it.”

Understand the young ’Ajax-fan ” is not wrong. “I am very happy at Ajax, play everything here and feel the confidence of the club. And my intention is just to continue.” That his agent Barry Hulshoff and he an interview conducted with dealmaker Mino Raiola about a collaboration, feeds the rumours that the defender in his last season at Ajax is in progress. “But next year, I hope to still be in the red and white to stand”, thus The Lies.

“It is so that I key is in your hands”, he realises. But European football is crucial. “Ajax is my favorite club, also the club where I grew up, but I also have my own career thinking. Provisionally, however, this is the best option. And it would be great to have a scale in my hands to say goodbye to. That, and it’s not seems to work to be a champion, nibbling at it.”

According to the defender – already for weeks with Nicolas Tagliafico the best following his departure to chelsea – Ajax the debacle at Vitesse and it is as good as sure to lose the title a place. “The first few days after Vitesse were not fun, but as a team we now the button turned. We just need to look at ourselves and our own to win games, because AZ is close on our heels. That said, we also when we were on PSV hunted, but now we have to do it really,” said The Is that murmuring in Amsterdam understand.

“I can feel the unrest among the fans imagine. We are asked from Europe and the cup, kicked and more or less out of the titelrace. That is painful for any supporter. Especially since they are last season with the Europa League final slightly were spoiled.”

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