“Glass wall to eiffel tower against terror’

9511fca74bbf113853c22c2bd399d662 - "Glass wall to eiffel tower against terror’

PARIS, Around the eiffel tower in Paris is a glass wall. That should terrorist acts occur. The wall is 3,24 metres high and 6.5 inches thick. Work is progressing well, reports the newspaper Le Parisien.

In the bullet-proof glass wall come in – and outputs that are closed by metal grids, in the style of the famous tower itself. There is also a bus.

According to the newspaper, the measure is also necessary because since the terrorist attacks in the city in 2015, the number of visitors at the eiffel tower are conducted. At that suicide bombings fell Friday 13 november 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis about 130 dead and 350 wounded.

The wall must be on 14 July, the national holiday, be ready.

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