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Dylan Teuns: “Maybe I should go with Yates”

ddb3f4425c9be19b57bbb33063c108bc - Dylan Teuns: “Maybe I should go with Yates”

With a second place on the summit arrival of Saturday in Paris-Nice proved to be the 26-year-old BMC rider Dylan Teuns that he is also on a long climb are male.

“I am well on the short and steep climb”, explained to the Observer afterwards. “But if a long climb that is really steep, and steep with flatter pieces are alternated, it is not so good for me. So were the long, steady climb like this me much better. The pace that was imposed on them was very good. I was in the first half of the group and had confidence in my legs and how I felt.”


“I knew that something would happen in the final four kilometres, but I thought that it might be still too far for the line was to try anything”, he continued Teuns. “Ultimately, I would maybe Simon Yates should have, because he fell at a good time. Myself, I fell two times. The first times were Wellens, Gorka Izagirre and Henao to the chase, and they were quite close, so delayed I what. Afterwards, I fell a second time. I saw that I have a hole had been beaten and then remained to continue without going to look.”

With still one race to go in this Paris-Nice is Teuns fifth in the standings. “Normal is the ride from Sunday me. It is a shorter, but hard ride. I don’t know what to expect, but it always goes on and off, so it will be at the start a heavy price.”

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