’Davide is in my thoughts”

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Rotterdam – Kevin Diks has the death in his sleep of his former team-mate Davide every unit of Fiorentina ’a place’ was given, and is ready for the match of Feyenoord against AZ tomorrow in The Cockpit. “I mourning on my way. Davide is in my thoughts. I think he would would like that I play. Nothing stands a good performance against AZ in the road.”

Kevin Diks has the

“It’s an emotional week,” says Diks stirred in the run-up to AZ. “I have been in Italy, but a half years with Davide worked, he caught me in that period when I was in 2016 Vitesse to Fiorentina. As one of the few he spoke English and he worked with me to find a house, took me out to eat and then you rapidly build a relationship with each other.”

The rechterverdediger of Feyenoord, rented out by Fiorentina, spent Thursday in Italy, where Marco van Basten present at the church service for every unit as well as the team of Juventus, the rival of Fiorentina. Those players came straight after the win in the Champions League against Tottenham Hotspur and received applause from the attendees, saw Diks.

“Luckily, it fell my free day at Feyenoord together with the two-hour farewell service in Italy and I am a day up and down been my Italian team-mate on the last honor. I wanted to be personally present, for him, for his family, his family and to his death. But to be honest, I still very difficult with the death of Davide.”

Initially believed Diks his ears when he heard about the death of the 31-year-old captain of Fiorentina. “My father called me and told me what he had heard about Davide. I thought at first to nepnieuws, but that was unfortunately not the case. Immediately I have a team-mate calls, and later I got the confirmation. Terrible, while in Italy it is often tested. So you see that something terrible could happen to anyone.”

It is not that Diks last week worry is a sleep. “Even though you night and day dealing with. On the training ground let you loose it because you will your work to do,” says Diks, who Monday several team mates the question was whether he, with every unit had played together. “With some guys I’ve talked about it, also with the trainer. Associated with the processing of Davide’s loss.”

Giovanni van Bronckhorst understand that the death of every unit is a big impact on his right rear. This emotional blow for Diks to a good period at Feyenoord, during which he has teruggeknokt in the base, and in contrast to many team mates pass. Van Bronckhorst: “I understand the emotions of Kevin very well. I have him spoken about and it is good that he has been to Italy has been to say goodbye. So it should be, also. Such a sad event that transcends football.”

During the training saw Diks good, according to Van Bronckhorst. “We will see how Kevin is doing for AZ.” Want Diks are good series to continue when the Team against the opponent in the cup final.

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