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Damso responds to hoopla world cup song: “This promo is exactly what I needed

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The Brussels rapper Damso came the last days under heavy fire after bekendraakte that he is the world cup song for the Red Devils would write. He now responds for the first time at the hoopla: “This is exactly what I needed.”

When bekendraakte that Damso the world cup song would write, from different angles, reacted with disbelief. Although the Brussels rapper immensely popular, contain a lot of his songs vrouwonvriendelijke statements. There followed an open letter from the national council of women that the sponsors of the Royal Belgian Football association (KBVK) called their sponsorship to rethink it. ‘His lyrics are full of aversion, contempt and verbal violence against women, ” she said. “It is unacceptable that someone, well known for his rude and sexist language, as the official musical innovator, our country would represent.’

Although the belgian football association first foot piece loved, made them Thursday night announced that she is working with the rapper still stopped. Now responding Damso for the first time myself at the hoopla over a striking tweet.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, mannenhaters and feminists, I forgive you and thank you for this confusion about me. This promo is exactly what I needed for my album this year on June 15 launched.”

“I don’t know what to say, I find no words… this is incredibly sympathetic,” writes Damso further. “I kiss you deeply on the place where the virtue does. You are welcome Damso.’

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