Cousin Elizabeth Hurley stabbed in London

dc520d1a82bcce27d4e69c244afdc81e - Cousin Elizabeth Hurley stabbed in London

Miles Hurley, model and cousin of Elizabeth Hurley, last Thursday evening, stabbed in the street in London. The actress is madly returned to England to assist him.

According to the Daily Mail is Miles several times, stabbed by strangers. Elizabeth and her cousin are very close-knit and the stabbing has her very distraught, so let them know on Twitter: “It is a terrible time for him and our family. The police and the hospital are fantastic. Thanks for all your messages.”

The police know that there is still no one arrested for the stabbing. In addition to Miles, there is still a person stabbed, said a spokesman. “They are likely to be attacked by a number of men who out of a car came, and destroyed them abused before they fled.”

With Miles the to conditions good. It seems that all of his vital organs are not affected, according to a source.

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