Bite the bullet: Jeroen Meus replaces Bart De Pauw

70d14afeaec29865b292742ef1602587 - Bite the bullet: Jeroen Meus replaces Bart De Pauw

It goes well with Jeroen Meus. The tv chef get next Tuesday on tram 4 and that was for the newspaper The Last News is the perfect moment for an interview with Meus. In the newspaper of Saturday, says Jeroen Meus that birthdays him not do much. “Except last year. When my wife Stéphanie 40. During our holiday in Spain, I had the flowers, bought her a ring and I had a restaurant with our son Georges booked. When I had my best…” . Tuesday celebrates Jeroen Meus himself his 40th birthday and he has not immediately a problem. Meus also has great prospects for this autumn, he will go Two To The Sixth Power is present, the program run by the VRT shall be deleted was after the complaints of misconduct at the address of the presenter Bart De Pauw. “That knot is made: I’m going to do that,” says Jeroen Meus in The Latest News. “The proefopnames are planned and if that went well, we take in the autumn is a season”, it sounds the further. Meus gave from the start that he has the program wished to continue due to a little too well. Jeroen was himself several times in the programme and Two To The Sixth Power was one of the kijkcijferkanonnen of the public broadcaster. Meus applied himself to the job of Bart De Pauw. “I’m not going to be falsely modest and say that I’m going to try. No, I’m really looking forward to it and me go all the way to hurl. I’m also not afraid to be on my face. Fear is a bad counselor. Who nothing dare, also achieves nothing. If that disappoints, I’ll do it, then never more. And if it is bad, I have something to later, to the grandchildren to tell. I have but one life and wants everything out of it. Without my family losing”, sounds the further.

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