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Beerschot Wilrijk asks for delay in disciplinary file Maes: “the Negligence of the royal belgian football association”

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Lawyer Johnny Maeschalck has Saturday morning at the hearing of the disputes committee of Appeal of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) on behalf of Beerschot Wilrijk asked to delay in the disciplinary proceedings against midfielder Alexander Maes. The strong plea of the renowned sportadvocaat to postponement fell apart in two parts.

In principle, all disciplinary records to the royal belgian football association only on Tuesday and Friday treated. By an error of the secretariat of the arbitration commission in the first instance, was the service on Wednesday and not on Tuesday handed over to Beerschot Wilrijk. That gave the Rats the opportunity to go to the Friday (12 a.m.) to appeal, so the file only next week could be dealt with. The disputes committee Appeals relied, however, on exceptional circumstances, for the session on Saturday morning (9.30 am) to take place, so that any suspension for Maes for the return against Cercle Brugge would apply.

According to Maeschalck the commission heavily in the error. “It creates such justice on size. It is an error, a forgetfulness or so you want to the negligence of the secretary. That can’t be stashed away under the guise of force majeure or an extraordinary situation. Beerschot Wilrijk has anyway damage. The error of the administration of the commission should He not be charged. This case will hear today, according to us, not to be treated,” said Maeschalck. He refers to article P1786 of the bondsreglement, which requires that the next available seat “mandatory” on a Tuesday or Friday is organized. In addition, listed several cases in which the suspension with a one week delay in operation, such as, among others, the disciplinary proceedings against Lukasz Teodorczyk earlier this season.

“Beerschot Wilrijk requires only the application of the regulations”

“A substantive, on the merits of the case calls for a postponement”, he cut off Maeschalck its second argument. It was him, after all, that referee Jonathan Lardot with the armgebaar makes clear that the red card for Maes was confirmed by the present videoref. “But there is nothing said in the scheidsrechtersrapport. I find that at least strange,” says Maeschalck. “In the context of the rights of defense, it seems to me necessary to the ref to hear. I want to do a number of things to know. What says the videoref? What does the ref? He has the stage yourself? What say the images? Who took the decision? Lardot need for a sound administration of justice to be heard. In the scheidsrechtersrapport one has, moreover, about “a brutal error,” and “too late”, but at the same time, everyone confirmed that Maes the ball touched. How can that be? I want to Lardot also hear about it.”

“There is in the media and by Cercle Brugge, a procedureslag made, but Beerschot Wilrijk asks really just the application of the rules”, closed Maeschalck. Besides Beerschot Wilrijk were also the Bondsparket, that one match suspension and a fine of 200 euros, and continued to Cercle Brugge represented. The arbitration board Appeal speaks for 18h00 on the file.

Alexander Maes is not in Brussels for the hearing. He left this morning with the group on seclusion so that he the whole preparation for the match can see if he would be allowed to play.

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