Analysts loose on top Trump-Kim

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WASHINGTON – the Date and time have yet to be determined, and also sets America what conditions, so it can take some time. But analysts all over the world come up with scenarios about how the already legendary summit meeting between president Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will expire. Krantencommentaren speak of charmeoffensieven, instruments, and history-in-the-making. And many doubt: is this a brilliant move or a huge blunder.

So will Donald Trump, according to news agency Bloomberg, some ‘unknown’ properties need to learn: patience, perseverance, setting clear goals and conditions. The news agency let people speak who previously negotiated with North Korea. ,,That meetings take a long and are actually quite painful. If one minute you think you have a agreement that you that the next minute is already lost”, says Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador to South Korea.

The mystery that hangs around Kim does also not on a good preparation of a summit meeting. Since he is in power, he has not yet with another head of state spoken. Trump will get the advice talk with ex-basketball player/celebrity Dennis Rodman that Kim Jong-un had previously met. According to Christopher Hill should Trump the conversation very well prepared to enter, highly structured and with all possible steps and scenarios in the head. ,,Otherwise he might go outside again without exactly knowing what has been agreed.”

The New York Times warns of misunderstandings and past-each other-heenpraten. That North Korea wants to talk about “denuclearization” would mean that also the U.s. arsenal of weapons on the table, but there would Trump probably understand not assume. Still others find it strange that the dialogue in the wrong order seems to go: normally each summit first for months by officials and higher officers prepared, then eventually the two leaders meet. Now, it’s done the other way around. Furthermore there are quite some worries about the Trumps , chaotic management style and his unpredictable mood swings”.

Dennis Rodman has already let you know are president wanting to help in the preparations for the summit.

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