Afscheidsplechtigheid for Mark Vanlombeek, “an excellent journalist and a good man”

285f174f752e80b1e067ac655f0a9df5 - Afscheidsplechtigheid for Mark Vanlombeek, "an excellent journalist and a good man"

In the crematorium ‘Hofheide’ at Nieuwrode (Holsbeek) have a few hundreds of people today to say goodbye to Mark Vanlombeek, the former sports journalist of the BRTN and spokesman of VTM, that on march 4, died after a lingering illness. Colleagues, friends and family brought memories of the man she described as “an excellent journalist and a good man”.

Former colleague Ivan Sonck took the floor on behalf of the widow of Mark Vanlombeek and his children and grandchildren, and sketched the life of the Sterrebekenaar, who was a member of the Chiro and the theatre but also from a young age to the radio broadcast was to the results of the soccer and cycling events to hear.

“He put sportkwissen in each other, imitated at family get-togethers Maurice Dieudonné, the then Jan Wauters, and walked with a namaakmicrofoon on the street to passers-by to interview”, told Ivan Sonck. “From the Tour of France, he called daily to his wife, and he was full of attention for his two children and five grandchildren.”

Of the other BRTN-colleague, Mark Uytterhoeven, was a letter read that he had a few weeks ago to Mark Vanlombeek had written: “You have changed my life by helping me studioprogramma about the world Cup 1990 to present, you’ve got me my very first program. A newspaper wrote: “Marc Van Der Linden and Marc Degryse, the best duo Marc” and on television, after Uyterhoeven and Vanlombeek.” That we have served.”

For a fellow student, Mark was Vanlombeek the engine of their years of friendship and for BRTN-employee André Meganck and for Jo Nachtergaele, former marketing director of the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij, a fine fellow, for whom a deep respect had.

CD&V-politician Eric Van Rompuy pointed to the political commitment of the deceased. “At the last municipal elections he was a candidate, not party politics, but for his church.”

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