Zoutelande popular in Belgium by the BAND

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The song Zoutelande of the BAND explains the homonymous village in the province of Zeeland is not profitable. Now the number of the local people with the Flemish singer Geike Arnaert also in Belgium, a hit is, like many Belgians the hamlet see with their own eyes, reports the VRT.

Was Zoutelande all well attended by the Belgians, the hoteliers in the town of rub are already in the hands because the accretion from the south will only increase. “Some people who call us, start immediately on the song,” says a hotelier on the Flemish radio. “They say at the telephone reservation: I just want to Zoutelande come because of that song.” The hoteliers speak of the great free advertising by the BAND.

Zoutelande is about a holiday in the Zeeland village of about 1500 inhabitants.

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