Wife Colin Firth had affair with ‘stalker’

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Livia Giuggioli, wife of British actor Colin Firth, has had an affair with the Italian man she accuses of stalking. The two had between 2015 and 2016 shortly something together when Livia and Colin temporarily from each other, so let a spokesperson on behalf of the Firths to The Times.

The lover, Marco Brancaccia, is a former childhood friend of Livia. When they end their affair continued, began Marco her to bother with ’frightening’ messages. The Firths tried the case from the publicity, but Italian media wrote earlier this week about. According to the spokesman, there are rechtbankdocumenten to the media leaked.

Marco denies that he Livia has been stalked. According to him, had he and Livia have a serious romance and would Livia Colin want to leave.

Colin and Livia were married in 1997 and with each other.

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