Van Bronckhorst will see a duel with AZ not as general for cup final

9f042541536d7fdfdb474eb8ab245ba3 - Van Bronckhorst will see a duel with AZ not as general for cup final

Feyenoord-trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst sees the game of Sunday in your own home against AZ, not as a general for the cup final between the two teams in over a month.

“I see this competition apart from the cup final. Although it is the same opponent, but they are two different competitions. Other interests also. We want of course to win Sunday,” he said Friday at his press conference.

Feyenoord may have a boost to use, since there are eight Eredivisiewedstrijden after the winter break were played, only three were won.

The Locals have therefore come down to the fifth place in the rankings, 26 points behind leader PSV and can, therefore, rollover of the title forgotten.

It still feels for Van Bronckhorst is not the same as two years ago, when, under his guidance no less than seven league games in a row were lost.

“But that doesn’t mean that I don’t see similarities. That I see, however. We also play this season has not been as we would have to play in the league.”


That has, according to Van Bronckhorst, especially with the many changes that he helped by injuries and suspensions are already for months in his basic team should make.

“Just look at the past few weeks, in which we have a number of substitutions of necessity must commit. We strive for certainty, but players have to perform.”

Van Bronckhorst against AZ did have a virtually fit selection. Probably makes Sam Larsson after weeks of absence due to a hamstring injury even his comeback.

“Larsson has today a small part with the group, been training for. But I still have no sight or on Sunday he can play.”


Van Bronckhorst is under the impression of AZ, that handsome the third place was occupied and already fourteen points more than Feyenoord.

“AZ is in shape. They play football well and are strong as a team. You can see that they have a lot of trust, and therefore little to lose this season.”

Feyenoord treated AZ earlier this season in Alkmaar, however, at a hefty 0-4 defeat and Van Bronckhorst hopes that Sunday the same scenario played.

“In that match we were very good. We were lord and master and the result was not even flattered to be called. Unfortunately I have little of that kind of duels seen this season. Sparta-there was also such a one.”

Feyenoord-AZ starts Sunday at 16.45 hours in The Cockpit and is headed by referee Dennis Higler.


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