Unrest at De Persgroep

dd1a224843f36959525f758bc4bf3c32 - Unrest at De Persgroep

Thursday it became known that Joergen Oosterwaal both De Morgen and Humo. The two titles will be going in the future work. That seems especially out of necessity. De Morgen and Humo have two things in common: they are located in the ‘higher segment’, the so-called kwaliteitspers, and they are, therefore, two zorgenkindjes within De Persgroep. The circulation of Humo during the last years more than halved, though she seems now to be slowing down – at around 90,000 copies – or in any case less likely to fall. The Morning sees its paper circulation further calving (another 35,000) and succeeds only partially in the reduction to compensate with digital subscriptions. How the concrete is going to be, it will soon become clear, will know Tomorrow. Recently there have been several redundancies at The School and staff are not happy in the amalgamation of Medialaan, De Persgroep.

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