Twitter: for anyone a blue checkmark

d1f536017eb6e2b6063572ca2d1095a4 - Twitter: for anyone a blue checkmark

SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter is rolling the blue check marks on the shovel. That has founder and ceo Jack Dorsey said. The symbols indicate that a user’s identity is confirmed and that the twitterer is who he or she claims to be.

Twitter, the check mark in 2009. The first was for celebrities, later also for journalists and bloggers. It was to prevent abuse, but Twitter is not entirely satisfied with the practice. “People see it as credibility, as if Twitter someone supports you, that Twitter believes that what they say is great and really is. But that is not what we with the check mark mean,” said Twitter director David Gasca.

Twitter wants, among other things, that everyone will have a blue check mark. “The purpose is authentication for everyone to open, in such a way that it can be extended, and that we are not getting in the way. People can also more about authenticate itself. We don’t have to judge,” said Dorsey.

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