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Topradio returns as the network

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Flemish minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open Vld) acknowledges Topradio if network wireless. The decision follows on the schorsingsarrest of the Council of State at the end of February that Hit! from the ether of his career. Hit FM had in fact lied about the cooperation with the weekly magazine Flair.

Minister Gatz wait for the final decision of the Council of State is not af and extends the recognition due to Topradio.

In the full reform of the Flemish station from scratch recognised minister of Media Sven Gatz last year four new commercial radio or mesh radio’s, radio’s with a semi-national coverage. One of the four lucky ones were Hit FM that are profiled as vrouwenradio. The transmitter would work with the magazine Flair.

Topradio hold when, in addition to the coveted recognition, but did not stop there and went to the Council of State. According to Topradio supported the granting of the Hit! on incorrect information and there was no structural cooperation with Flair. The Council of State followed this reasoning and suspended the recognition. It was a Hit! from the ether removed.

‘According to the principle of ‘fraus omnia corrumpit’ (cheating breaks everything) the dossier can no longer reasonably be assessed, ” says Gatz. ‘It is therefore excluded from the assessment of the candidates for package 3. De facto, the recognition then to the second ranked candidate, NV Topradio.’

Broadcast in april

“We are very happy that we unexpectedly quickly to good news, react to Bruno Heyndrickx, director of Topradio, Friday afternoon. “We are now awaiting the official announcement and then we can as quickly as possible, the uitzendvergunningen apply to the VRM.’ That takes according to Heyndrickx a few weeks.

‘A lot of equipment, meanwhile, is already ready. As soon as we have the uitzendvergunningen, we still have a few days time is required, inter alia, for the installations of antennas. We hope, in the course of the month of april to be able to start broadcasting.’

‘A sign of lack of transparency’

That Topradio now still get credit, according to SP.A-mediaspecialiste Katia Segers ‘fantastic news for the many fans of Topradio, the past few months as a close-knit community on the gap jumped to their radio. But it is also known as ‘a sign of the lack of transparency in this whole qualification round’.

Segers: “It is the umpteenth episode in what is already a very frustrating saga for all involved (candidate)radios. Therefore, I expect that other authors, with this surprising decision today to be disadvantaged will feel and follow there may be new objections.’

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