Three countries want final Nations League

b7457d1d2f4d7c894f7768252be03e54 - Three countries want final Nations League

The football associations of Italy, Poland and Portugal have joined the European voetbalunie UEFA reported for the organization of the final tournament of the first edition of the Nations League in mid-2019.

The draw for the Nations League.

The three interested countries must, before 31 August of their plans in the UEFA proposals. In december of this year, pointing to the head of the UEFA in the final lap.

Italy, Poland and Portugal are coincidentally in group A3 at each other and classified. The netherlands is in group A1 of the European topdivisie, with France and Germany. The four poulewinnaars from the A-division, from twelve countries, go to the final round in the summer of 2019. The countries who is the last end, relegate to the B-division.

The Nations League is a new event for European football, that often little attractive oefeninterlands replaces. In this tournament are tickets to earn for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. In addition, it also follows the regular european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.

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