Thousands of Slovaks on the streets against corruption accused minister

248ec0e10d1a868983ec831f45e17c0b - Thousands of Slovaks on the streets against corruption accused minister

Also Friday night gathering thousands of Slovaks protest against the minister of the Interior Robert Kalinak. That would be an investigation into corruption hampered. The demand for the resignation of the minister is still louder sound since the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak.

It is already the second time in a week that there is a large-scale demonstration. The Slovaks protesting thus against the murder of Jan Kuciak, who was murdered along with his fiancee. The investigative journalist would publish an article about the suspected links between Slovak politicians and the Italian businessmen with ties to the Calabrian mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta. The case has the displeasure about the corruption in the country is firmly stirred.

The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Kalinak, prime minister Robert Fico, and the head of the police. Some schools let students leave prior, so they already from the beginning of the proof provided could be. Also a number of large banks allowed employees to take part.


A Slovak attorney has criminal charges filed against Kalinak. Special prosecutor Vasil Spirko says that the complaint is about officers of the police. The attorney quoted a witness who would have stated that Kalinak and ex-minister of Finance Jan Pociatek repeatedly secret commissions would be cashed in on have to the value of nearly 200 million euros. That happened in public tenders for ict services and equipment for the ministry of the Interior.

Spirko led the research, but was accused of pressure on a witness. There was nothing to worry about. The minister of the Interior calls the allegations ‘absurd’. Prime minister Fico likes to provisionally than to Kalinak.

The Slovak president Andrej Kiska will find them ‘extremely seriously’, said spokesman Roman Krpelan.


Kalinak is under fire since the death of

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