‘Star Wars’star Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reunited on Hollywood Walk of Fame

a8c9857ef4fc6b1b76fa7df1189d06f6 - 'Star Wars'star Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reunited on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Actor Mark Hamill, best known for his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in the ‘Star Wars’franchise, yesterday, a star is received on the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame. He appeared in front of the audience next to his former opponent Harrison Ford. The story and the pictures were eagerly picked up by the collected American entertainmentpers.

It was for the “Star Wars” fans, a reunion for ‘you’ to say, yesterday on Hollywood Boulevard. The actor behind Luke Skywalker got his very own star. His name is featured there now is between that of countless large Hollywoordsterren.

Hamill was during the inhuldigingsceremonie accompanied by the “Star Wars” creator George Lucas and actor Harrison Ford, as Han Solo is also a key role played in the famous film series. Also an R2-D2-robot, identical to those in the movies, and went with the picture.

During a speech, took Ford the time to pay tribute to actress Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), that there is not more to be able to be by her untimely death in december 2016. “Then today I thought, I found it really unfortunate that we the other member of our trio not to have to celebrate together, but I feel her presence,” said Ford.

George Lucas was full of praise about his former lead actor Hamill. “Mark Hamill is a character that can not be written. He is extremely enthusiastic about everything he does, and that is exactly what I was looking for when I was Luke Skywalker castte.”

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