Slovaks again onto the streets

594f4df58c682c5e482466da730ff0e2 - Slovaks again onto the streets

BRATISLAVA – Tens of thousands of Slovaks are Friday night in Bratislava and several other towns in the country and abroad, again on the street again to demonstrate against the government. They demanded a ’decent Slovakia.

On banners to read ’Slovakia may not maffiastaat be’, with a reference to the murdered investigative journalist Jan Kuciak. The slogans were mainly aimed against the social democratic prime minister Robert Fico: “We have enough of Fico’, ’Go’ and ’Shame’.

Partijloze activists had called for this protest. Politicians were, as a speaker, nowhere welcome. The organization said the largest demonstration in the capital since the ’velvet revolution’ of 1989, in then czechoslovakia.

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