Scantily clad BBC-presenter of the tube

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London – BBC presenter Helen Skelton, who name and gained fame because of the racy outfits in which her work was banned from the tv team for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Please note on the International Women’s day showed the British broadcaster know that the blonde is not returning to the tube. And that makes the British for quite some skewed faces.

Skelton (34) was two years ago at the Games in Rio the call of the day. They did from the Aquatics Centre report of the swimming competitions wore, usually, a tiny skirt. Tv viewers buitelden on top of each other.

The BBC let it run its course, but decide two years later it still measures to take. If next month (april 4-15) in Australia, the Commonwealth Games start, will Skelton is not part of the BBC team.

“We are going to have a significantly smaller team to Australia in control than in previous Games,” said a spokesman of the British channel. “In a number of sports, and swimming is, will we have no presenters. But don’t worry, Helen continues to be a showcase for BBC Sport.”

Skelton can still laugh about it. Who replied with a tweet: “My boss told me: ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Wonder Woman.”

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