Salah Abdeslam break the silence

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PARIS – possibly The only surviving perpetrator of the suicide attacks in november 2015 in Paris are committed, Salah Abdeslam, has told a French court in a good word for another suspect. It was on Friday for the first time that Abdeslam itself, the word took in relation to persons who are charged with his prosecution, according to French media.

Salah Abdeslam

The 28-year-old Frenchman from Brussels has grown up, it put the role of defendant Ali Oulkadi apart. Ali Oulkadi had him begged to make it clear that he was only Abdeslam with a car to the Brussels borough of Schaerbeek has ridden nothing with terrorist attacks. Abdeslam said that he Ali Oulkadi never to help.

In a series of terrorist suicide bombers attacked Friday 13 november 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis about 130 dead and 350 wounded. Abdeslam was in march 2016 in Brussels held. He is in Belgium due to a shooting a few days before his arrest.

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