Roddeloverzicht: Patty furious about chirurgiegeruchten and Sylvie to the man

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Patty Brard responds (half) on chirurgiegeruchten, even more seksbeelden of Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong in circulation and Sylvie Meis yet again to the man. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A lipfiller here, a botoxje there or a facelift on his time: it must be all can. Well-known people know hardly how their skin looks without all sorts of useful procedures and are proud of their carefree existence. Shame also seems to be no longer necessary: everyone does it.

How open everyone is about it seems: there is still a lot to gossip, to gamble and guess. Enough CELEBRITIES and international stars to talk about their lipfillers, but admit that there was a facelift in advance is a second. New breasts are beautiful, but confirm that they are bought with a doctor, not everybody wants to be.

About Patty Brard was this week intense speculation: the presenter would this week a gastric have had to finally, definitively, of the pounds to come off where they are, according to insiders so long from want. Both Story as the Telegraph reported that Patty after botox, a breast augmentation (which was later undone), and a skin lift now in her belly, something would have to adjust.

Diana Gabriels, cosmetic doctor, among others, Barbie, pretty much every contestant from Temptation island and Zimra Geurts, told us that Patty in a week around seven pounds would be lost.

Patty was furious. How dared Diana Gabriels at all to suggest that Patty something to do with her? “I have mrs. gabriel’s one-time met and have decided that I’m not with her to do wanted. That is what I wish in the future to keep it.”

Angry was Patty, but what about that stomach reduction? Diana gabriel’s is the only that can do something, and about the content of the rumors have Patty not said. The message to which Diana said Patty with a Belgian colleague would help, is now removed, but we now know whether or not the presenter is indeed 7 pounds lost. What we do know: Patty has a lawyer in the arm taken to take legal action.

In the picture

The misery seems to be but not to be allowed to finish for Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong. Every week there is something new and heftigs about the realityster to tell. It Is not a suicide attempt, it was the departure of her children to Spain or any types of xxx sex that is being leaked.

Also this week the weather hit: that one video will not remain. If we Barbies ex Rolf Tangel, part-time gas station attendant and ex-porn star, may believe there is still a lot more spicy images of the realityster in circulation. How he so sure? He is also in several of the videos to see, so he told this week on Story.

“Sam and I had a healthy sex life, and she wanted what to koekeloeren the moments that I’m not with her. Through my work as a famous porn actor, I had no objection to that there is a camera as well while we were working on.”

Barbie’s manager, Jake denied the existence of the images of Rolf and Barbie together, but stressed immediately: Barbie had never consciously chosen. Rolf had the images, however, have included without her (conscious) permission, or because Barbie did not know, or because Barbie was already in a depression was.

“You can’t exclude the possibility that Rolf knew that they have different mood wings had. That he might use, or even abuse, that stands for me as a pole above water,” said Jake in a comment to The Telegraph.

Rolf seems to be aware of no evil, he is especially a shame that he and Barbie have nothing earned to the images. “Then we had just as well go in on that offer Kim Holland for many tens of thousands of euros a porn movie with Samantha.”

Meanwhile, Barbie let us know provisionally, not to report the incident following the leak of video number 1. Such a case would currently be too heavy for the realityster. “Indeed, the damage and the emotional recovery when everything is again raked up to be, is too large. She has all weighed against each other and chosen to be on her recovery to work and everything behind them,” said Jake.

That recovery is progressing smoothly, as emphasised Barbie this week to News. Now she would be eight weeks the drugs and booze have not touched and have the courage to admit what is going on. “I have borderline.”

Yet a man

It is often said and it’s again true: at the time that you are looking for a partner, you can find one. Sylvie Meis told in every interview how intensely happy she is on her own, how she no longer was searching for the true and real first of its breach of Charbel Aouad wanted to relax a bit.

And of course: this week concluded the gutter that Sylvie, two months after they said it still as easy to want to do, a new relationship. The presenter was hand-in-hand, photographed with one Sander, a Dutch physician with who they are, since some time very cozy.

Sander is according to the sheets (not yet) rich, but there was potential for. The exes by Sylvie all had a big wallet, and so, it seems important that the dermatologist just doorspaart. He specializes in skin treatments is in any case fine: Sylvie would be in accordance with AD are known that they “consistently with its appearance in progress”.

Attached is the love not yet: on Sylvies social media accounts is decorated with dozens of photos, but no where they are with the Sander.

If it be true, then it is the first Dutch man since Rafael van der Vaart. Charbel came from Dubai, Maurice ‘Momo’ Mobetie from Switzerland, Guillaume Zarka, from France, and Samuel Deutsch from the United States.

Two weeks ago, the newspapers still that Sylvie never had someone meet that Rafael could match: perhaps this new Dutchman is that possible?


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