Princess Beatrix, and does odd jobs in Amersfoort for NLdoet

9524d14e0e76142895dbc9c6a3ab35f7 - Princess Beatrix, and does odd jobs in Amersfoort for NLdoet

Princess Beatrix on Friday took part in NLdoet, the vrijwilligersactie of the Orange Fund. Beatrix together with prince Bernhard and princess Annette is active in kinderdagcentrum Under one Roof in Amersfoort.

The three of them helped the inhabitants of the kinderdagcentrum, where young people from four to eighteen years with an intellectual disability to cope with everyday activities, making learning and speelmaterialen and the lenteklaar of the garden.

“We are not here for the joke. Seriously, do it,” admonished Beatrix director Peter Douwes of the Oranje Fonds at the trifle seemed to look at creating a touching slate meant for the children.

The result showed them to be satisfied. Then waited for work in the garden and playground, where they got help from some of the children of the daycare center. “Look not”, advised them when they were distracted by the silence summoned media.

Fourteenth year

It is the fourteenth year that the Father is held. On Saturday, volunteers are out in the weather for the action, expected to be approximately 375,000 total in more than 10.500 notified activities.

King Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima to come later this weekend in action, but the place where this is, it is not published.


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