Presenter Airand Mylene gave birth to son Bodhi

6fe18f09ede309f27bf54a0400201e6c - Presenter Airand Mylene gave birth to son Bodhi

Airand Mylene and Taeke Taekema have became parents of son Bodhi. It is the first child for the couple.

SBS presenter Mylene left to the News to know that the name Banyan is derived from buddha. The idea arose after the midwife in an echo had said that the son of the 32-year-old Mylene, and 38-year-old Taekema is a good wad would be just like a buddha. The second name of the child, Doeke, of Taekema’s father.

The birth went without problems. Mylene gave birth in the bath. Taekema has his son Friday afternoon indicated to the municipality.

Mylene and Taekema got to know each other during their participation in the sixteenth season of Wie is de Mol? By the end of 2016, they went to live together.


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