’Peter R. de Vries is suffering from overconfidence’

9dc4877989878b3911ac7b3fce94ebf1 - ’Peter R. de Vries is suffering from overconfidence’

That the lords of Football Inside no sheet before the mouth is long and wide known. Friday night was Peter R. de Vries screwed, because his program, the Judiciary is not rated under televisiekijkend the Netherlands. René van der Jibe thinks to know what that is.

“Petertje overestimated themselves, Petertje overestimated themselves” begins to René, his story about the half of the original ratings of the Chambers. “But a lot of people in the televisiewereldje.” Then Football Inside-presenter Wilfred Genee a plume by saying that present ’a box’ and ’a quality’ is that Peter does not possess.

Van der Jibe continues: “And what is he to do? He put a number of people together who are trained to not important information. Do you know what he had to do? He had the you should present and as a kind of expert at the table, sit down.” Then again repeating that Peter, according to him, to powers suffering.

Johan Derksen is somewhat milder tune and even has a positive effect on the program. “I had never seen, but because the match yesterday was so bad, we have looked at it. I found it to be easy, but René had already by that it wasn’t going to score”, after which he complements: “I think That is a pity, because, if it’s about crime, then I think Peter is the best there is.” Then Wilfred and René then agree.

Also Johan is there not averse from his colleague Wilfred to compliment. “You have the gift to thrill to a table. You can all the annoying things to say to get someone to wake up or you trigger someone.. We are very proud of you and you are the best presenter of the Netherlands,” says the mustachioed voetbalcommentator.

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