News looks back at the 15th anniversary

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Shownieuws tonight, with an extra long broadcast on the occasion of the fifteen years of the entertainment programme. The special show, presented by Shelley Strong, looks back at the past few years and it goes along with a number of former presenters.

Chose from Plateringen

The viewer is in the more than hour-long broadcast included a number of controversial moments, such as the interview that Private editor Evert Santegoeds had with Gerda Smit, the mother of singer Jan Smit. In the interview she did a book open on the behavior of the ex-girlfriend of her son, Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau and she spoke the now legendary words, “All gone!.” Other highlights of the program are the registration of the marriage of Rafael van der Vaart and Sylvie Meis, and the toyboy, who talked about his relationship with former mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes.

In the special is going to Chose from Plateringen, that in 2004 when the program began, along with a number of former presenters. One of them is Gerard Joling, who from 2003 to 2008 behind the desk stood, and there, ’his second career’. Together, they go back to the time in which the singer, who is now a regular topic is in the program, made his debut as a presenter.


Entertainment programmes have for many years been hugely popular. And that is according to Chose not surprising. “People find it interesting to know what well-known people involved, what they are doing. You’ll also see that more and more media attention to spend.” Although news about the Netherlands a lot of people continues to fascinate, must Shownews continue to develop. The format therefore changes continuously. So there is more attention for fashion and lifestyle, and the news is more international than before. Also the makers are inspired by vloggers. “Their way of filming is much rawer and looser,” explains the reporter. “They are closer to the people, we also do that. It might all be freer, less static.”

Another difference with the past is the role of social media. Used to looked people to News to ’the first picture’ to see. “But the viewers are now themselves long ago on the internet saw. We try to be there in the evening during the broadcast something to add to it. That is a different way of working.”


News began on march 10, 2003. The program was broadcast on the late evening, after Heart of the Netherlands. In the course of the years changed a lot. So there was an early edition, and passed many presenters and entertainmentdeskundigen the revue.

The special broadcast is tonight from 22.55 till 00.00 hours on SBS6.

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